Facts at a Glance

We are an accredited international school, following the general American public schools' curriculum serving the cosmopolitan society of Jeddah. We prioritize academic excellence above everything else. Mentioned below is a summarized profile.

Key Information
Registered name Zahrat Al Sahra'a International School
Registration number 28 / S
Issued by Ministry of Education, Jeddah
Graduation American High School Diploma- Grade 12
Accreditations Accredited by AdvancED ( USA)
Principal Curriculum American Public Schools' Curricula
Curriculum Support Harcourt International
Pearson Education
Medium of teaching English (taught as a first/native language)
Other Languages French (mandatory unto 6th grade)
External Evaluation SAT I & II (Pre-requisite for graduation), NWEA's MAP, TOEFL (Optional), AP (Optional)
Local influences Arabic (mandatory unto grade twelve) Islamic teachings (Muslim students only)
Enrollment 2,500 students
Average class size 18
Student-Teacher ratio 1:10
Credit Requirement High School Graduation
School Year September to June - 37 weeks
School Week Sunday to Thursday
School Day 8 sessions of 45 minutes duration each
Semesters per Year 2

ZSIS is dedicated to:

  1. Assure equity for all learners
  2. Value bound school curricula
  3. Encourage learning by discovery
  4. Train learner’s mind and heart
  5. Maintain our professional profile
  6. Set high expectations for all learners
  7. Engage learners and parents at all levels
  8. Maintain a resourceful school environment
  9. Stand behind our work for lifelong learning
  10. Assert staff’s continuous professional development
  11. Provide highly qualified professional teachers for every class
  12. Promote excellence, confidence, honesty and individuality of all learners
  13. Serve the community and enhance every individual’s social responsibility