Mission Statement

Zahrat Al-Sahra’a is an institution that prepares international learners based on the core standards of the American curriculum.

Our mission is to equip young leaders with superlative knowledge and adaptable social skills through contribution, updated technology and resources, enthusiasm, equality, conscientiousness, commitment, and quality assurance.

Vision and Purpose

In ZSIS we believe that:

  • Adaptable social skills are required to help each individual accommodate with new experiences. This is achieved through accurately planned activities (both curricular and extra-curricular).
  • All individuals must be treated based on equality. Members 0f staff, students, and parents must all feel and understand that they are receiving fair treatment in order to ensure their comfort which in return will contribute to a positive learning atmosphere.
  • Superlative knowledge is translated into average to high scores, excelled academic performance, and adequate general knowledge.
  • Updated technology and resources are essential to maintain high quality education that ensures that any student at ZSIS is ready to succeed in other schools or even colleges.
  • Every child and adult must seek knowledge. We can only achieve this by inducing the love of learning into our students’ minds. With challenges and rewards, activities and encouragements, students can reach a satisfactory level of enthusiasm.
  • Quality assurance and conscientiousness go hand in hand as each individual works with loyalty, integrity, sincerity, consistency, and reliability.

Our Goals

We strive to provide:

 well balanced, non- sectarian, segregation free educational program in the English language for members of the int'l community residing in Saudi Arabia, regardless of race, religion, nationality or sex

High quality comprehensive input that generates the best outcome. An environment that allows for easy acquisition of knowledge and its applicability, personal and social skills, and the improvement in attitudes towards learning
An atmosphere that encourages students to acquire self-discipline and responsibility towards others and fosters student’s ability to think independently, reason deductively, communicate effectively, learn enthusiastically, and behave responsibly
Parents with opportunities to participate in their child’s learning