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Exam Entrance Rules

  1. The fee for each applicant entrance exam is 300 S.R and it is non-refundable.
  2. Each student must present a midyear report card from the current school on the day of the scheduled entrance exam along with the exams fee.
  3. The student should get a total mark of at least 70/100 on the 3 subjects (Math, English, and Arabic) to be accepted. High school students will be called for an interview after passing the entrance exam before the decision is made.
  4. If a student receives a total average between 60 and 70/100, the administration reserves the right to administer an interview whenever needed.
  5. Under any circumstances, parents will not be allowed to check the entrance exam.
  6. Entrance exams results will be issued after 3 working days. Parents will be informed via phone call or SMS on the numbers provided in application.
  7. Parents are required to submit all the requested documents in addition to the first tuition fee in case the student is accepted within a period of 2 days. Otherwise, acceptance will be cancelled.