In order for a new student to be considered for admission to ZSIS the following must be on file at the school

  • Completed Application form
  • Student's Academic report card for the previous years( for students in grade 2-12)
  • Copies of a valid resident permit ( Iqama)
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the birth certificate(students in Preschool and Grade 1)
  • Certificate of vaccination(students in Preschool and Grade 1)
  • A letter of reference from the previous school
  • 4 passport size photo

Additional Requirements for students coming from outside the kingdom
The report card has to be certified by the ministry of education and the ministry of foreign affairs in the country of origins and it has to be ratified by the Saudi Embassy or any other educational affiliate in the Kingdom

Additional Requirements for students coming from schools that do not follow the American curriculum
A certified equivalency stamped by the Ministry of education in the Kingdom is needed


Enrollment opens during the month of May and continues until all available spots are filled in a given grade. Priority in enrollment is as follows:

  1. Students already enrolled in school
  2. siblings of students already enrolled at ZSIS
  3. All others

Admission Process

Entrance exam

All prospect students must take an entrance exam ( English, Math and Arabic)
Below is a list of Required Lessons for the Entrance exam per grade:

3 to 4 Required Lessons

4 to 5 Required Lessons

5 to 6 Required Lessons

6 to 7 Required Lessons

7 to 8 Required Lessons

8 to 9 Required Lessons

9 to 10 Required Lessons

10 to 11 Required lessons


 A non-refundable fee of 3,000 SAR is payable for each student upon registration. This amount is then deducted from the 1st installment of the total tuition fee.

Age Requirements

Grade Level Age
KGI 2 Yrs, 9 mo
KG2 3 Yrs, 9 mo
KG3  4 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 1 5 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 2 6 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 3 7 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 4 8 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 5 9 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 6 10 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 7 11 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 8 12 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 9 13 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 10 14 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 11 15 Yrs, 9 mo
Grade 12 16 Yrs, 9 mo