Zahrat Al-Sahraa International School

The ZSIS Experience

Ever since its establishment in 1988, ZSIS has been dedicated to a mission: Striving for Excellence.

ZSIS is a true haven for a wide array of nationalities. Diversity as such has left its imprints on the educational and cultural performance of all ZSIS community.

ZSIS has come to the conviction that education is not an act of infusing or cramming knowledge into students’ minds. Rather, it is an agglomeration of all stakeholders’ experiences, efforts, and dedication to cross the e’s and dot the i’s of the academic progress. To ZSIS, education is an on-going follow-up on students’ academic and behavioral performance inside and outside the school campus. It is the collaborative spirit of “sink or swim together.” It is how students become able to relate themselves to their school and the global community around. Education, ZSIS believes, is independence, collaboration, leadership, and success. These are the seeds ZSIS is keen to plant and nurture in the midst of its students being.

ZSIS aspires for a change. It has recruited the creativity and dedication of its stakeholders as its soldiers. And it did rock the future.

Academic Program ZSIS students have unlimited access to the content of the core subjects English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Arts, and Foreign Languages. Students are immersed in an internationally standardized and benchmarked American curriculum that targets students’ connections to the world around.

It all starts at the primary stages whereby students are actively involved in experiential learning, with the negation of any traditional theoretical introductions. Primary students role play, experience, and explore the world outside with the professional guidance of quality teaching educators. ZSIS primary students are encouraged to approach the world analytically, relate themselves to it comprehensively, and understand school’s subject-matter thoroughly.

Middle school students have their specialty for being actively involved in approaching academic and global issues analytically. At this stage, middle school students have their skills not just added to but also reinforced and mastered.

ZSIS high school students develop those analytical skills too and go beyond the levels of reinforcement and mastery to those of synthesis and evaluation of any subject-related data at any time and place. Hence, ZSIS high school graduates are up to the world’s upcoming challenges and incessant need for creativity.

Beyond the Classroom ZSIS is firmly of the conviction that “school is outside too.” ZSIS is so “heated” as regards of reinforcing extra-curricular activities so its students’ intellectual growth oscillates between the standardized knowledge inside and the “rough” experience outside. Thanks to such a principle, ZSIS has been renowned for its keen concern for students’ physical, psychological, and aesthetic development. More importantly is ZSIS dedication to nourish and nurture the morals of honesty, integrity, and decency in compliance with KSA’s cultural moral codes. A community as such serves the seeds for an ideal civilized “globe” ZSIS so excitedly aspires to have a share in building now and ever.

Outstanding Faculty “A teacher is not a sage on the stage. He is the guide by the side.”

This, in reality, is ZSIS quality teachers’ motto. Those qualified education facilitators – eighty percent of whom have earned a bachelor degree or higher from reputable universities around the world – are the throbbing heart of the whole educational process--the wheel of life for ZSIS community. Those quality teachers, with the guidance of truly professional coordinators and administrators, not only provide context, content, and coherence to the learning environment, but they also serve as role models who shape students’ lives and bestow on them tinges of civilization, knowledge, and universality.