Zahrat Al-Sahraa International School

Admission Policy

Admission Policy

The admission policy ensures a smooth flow of operations when registering your son or daughter at Zahrat Al-Sahra’a International School. To secure a seat at our school, kindly follow the steps listed below. For admission forms, click here.


Admission Steps


The applicant’s parents should visit the school’s website and fill the online admission application.

After submitting the application, an email will be sent to the admissions office with the applicant’s information.


Based on the email received, the admissions’ office will schedule a date for the applicant’s entrance exams.


On that day, the applicant must fill an “entrance exam form” at the reception and pay the exams’ fees at the accountant’s office before proceeding to the examination classroom.


After taking his/her entrance exams, the applicant should receive a response from the school within two days.

If the applicant fails to pass his/her entrance exams, the school will send his parents a text message to inform them.

In case the applicant passes his/her entrance exams, a “student registration approval form” will be sent to the filing officer signed by the academic affairs’ office. The filing officer will contact the applicant’s parents to inform them.

The applicant’s parent should present himself/herself at the filing office and submit the “student information form” that can be downloaded from the school’s website along with all the required documents mentioned in that form.


After making sure that the applicant’s file is complete and all required documents are submitted, the filing officer will sign on the “student registration approval form” that was sent earlier by the academic affairs office.

This form will be given to the parent with a period of 3 days to submit it at the accounting office with the required fees in order to guarantee the applicant’s seat.

After the three-day period, the school cannot guarantee a seat for the late applicants.


You may access the admission forms by clicking here.