Zahrat Al-Sahraa International School

Our Story

Thank you for considering Zahrat Al-Sahra’a International School as the educational home for your family. Like most of ZSIS families, you certainly have high academic and moral expectations for your children, and so, you are actively engaged in your children’s school life. You may be looking for a school which will support them academically while treating them as individuals; helping them through their transition life stages while instilling the required skills and knowledge for those apples of the eyes to make any other future transitions so gracefully.

Ever since it was established in 1988, ZSIS has provided an educational home for thousands of students. Academically, our results are among the best in the Kingdom. Our American accreditation by NCA, AdvancEd ensures that our ensures that our standards, practices and principles are regularly scrutinized by an accrediting organization in the USA. At ZSIS, and under the supervision of AdvancED, we make every effort to foster an environment that helps develop the ethical values and intellectual abilities of our students. Like you, we have high expectations for your children, and such self-examination ensures that our children will be given the best possible academic preparation for their next education and global status.

Such a sublime goal of pursuing excellence has earned us recognition that outlasts school’s prolonged age. Our graduates' achievements in standardized exams have earned them places in the best universities worldwide. Educational consultants from various Arab, European, and American universities visit our campus annually to maximize candidature from our graduating classes.

A true understanding of self-evaluation practices and professional development needs has helped create many intra-staff seminars, workshops, and open platform discussions leading to an energized work atmosphere that’s ever evolving. Faculty members are encouraged to experiment newer ways of teaching and handling the unique issues and problems that surface in day-to-day teaching.

Education experts are regular contributors to our staff development. In addition, some of our qualified teachers have become members on reputed accreditation teams. Our honest commitment to professional development and proper delivery of knowledge transfuses great awareness of learning processes into the classroom, making sure the end user, your child, gets immersed in the best possible learning context.

Beyond the academic program, our students realize their responsibilities towards the world community around them. Students’ indoor community service activities, projects, and presentations testify our students’ growing sense of responsibility and community belonging.

At ZSIS, everybody is part of an extended family whereby each member’s uniqueness gives the school its distinct personality. Serving almost three decades of great efforts, I can proudly say that our slogan "Striving For Excellence" can now be worded as Enjoying Excellence; Striving For Perfection.

Conveniently located in the middle of Jeddah, ZSIS offers you and your family the advantage of a neighborhood setting within easy commuting distance.

We cordially invite you to explore our community.


Najah Chebib Kheirallah - School Founder